About My Solar Stuff

Solar is taking over the world. Don’t believe me? The growth has been nearly exponential every year going back to 1992. Every year, the cost of solar continues to drop dramatically. The efficiency of solar panels hasn’t quite grown at the same pace, but researches, as of now are producing solar panels with around 47% efficiency. That’s a massive nearly 20% jump in efficiency since just the year 2010.

As a result, Solar is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the green energy revolution. But what many people are still missing out on is how many more, everyday products are being transformed into power generators by way of high efficiency solar panels. Everything from fans, phone chargers, generators, radios, lanterns, street-lamps, garden lights, water heaters, are all getting the solar panel treatment.

With this exploding popularity, however, come a lot of questions. How do these products work? Which solar powered items are the best investment and stand to test the time and worth of your money. My Solar Stuff is here to answer those questions and more.

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